Limestone Quarry Plant

One of the Top 500 enterprises in China foreign trade

QCCO was approved as a member of “China Association for Contracting Projects Abroad “and granted a membership certificate on Sep 28,2005; “Credibility Rating AAA certificate in Foreign Trade” was granted to QCCO by China Shippers’ Association


carbon steel pipe: Q345C, Q345D, Q345E, SM490, SM570, S355J2+

Our company specializes in domestically produced high-strength low-temperature resistant low alloy sheets Q345C, Q345D, Q345E, SM490, SM570, S355J2+N; low temperature resistant low alloy round steel Q345D (first special steel factory order); bridge board Q345qC / qE, Q370qE, Q370qD ; wear-resistant steel B-HARD360/400,450, Wugang NM360/400/500/450, Sweden HARDOX400/450/500, Germany XAR400/450/500; high-strength ship board AH32/36, DH32/36, EH32/36, (G8 certification CCS, LR, DNV, BV, GL, RA, ABS, RA); high strength low alloy plate Q460C/D/E, Q390C/D, Q420C/D, Q550C/D, Q690C/D, Q620D, WH60 /70/80; high-strength structural board BHT80D, BHT100D, BS600MC, BS700MC, BHT130D, BHT150D, etc., with Z-direction performance (Z15, Z25, Z35). The material has high yield strength, high tensile strength, Brinell hardness, Rockwell High hardness; and low temperature resistance can be used at the lowest temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, the mechanical properties do not change, maintain high efficiency and long service life. Save you money.


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