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Galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe


1)Product Name:ASTM A53 Hot-dip Galvanized steel pipe

3)OD(mm):21.3  26.7  33.4  42.2  48.3  60.3  73.0  88.9  114.3

4)Nominal thickness(mm):2.77  2.87  3.38  3.56  3.68  3.91  5.16  5.49  6.02

5)Coefficient(c):1.064 1.051 1.045 1.040 1.036 1.034 1.032 1.028

6)Steel grade:Q215A  Q215B  Q235A  Q235B

7)Standard weight class:STD

8)Class A test pressure(Mpa):4.83MPa-13.10Mpa

9)Test pressure value(Mpa): D10.2-168.3mm to 3Mpa, D177.8-323.9mm to 5Mpa

10)Weight(Black Tube)(kg/m):1.27kg/m-16.07kg/m

11)Galvanized steel pipe Production:Has the following production steps:a. Round preparation, b. Heating, c. Hot perforation, d. Cutting head, e. Pickling, f. Grinding, g. Lubrication,
h. Cold rolling, i. Degreasing, j. Solution heat treatment, k. Straightening,
l. Cutting, m. Pickling, n. Inspection.

12)Application:Widely used in fire fighting, gas pipes, water transport and water
supply projects; building, central air-conditioning pipe, fence, threading pipe,
rolling doors, metal frame, support tube, furniture, sports equipment, fence, etc.

Galvanized steel Pipe

Galvanized Pipe

galvanized steel tubes


O.D tolerance


Thickness Tolerance






2--12M , according to customers' requirements

International Standard

ISO 9001-2000

Zinc coating



ASTM A 53 / BS 1387/GB/T 3091-2001




1. Big OD: in bulk

2. Small OD: packed by steel strips

3. Woven cloth with 7 slates

4. Accordion to Customer's requirement

Processing technology available:

Threading , coupling and with plastic caps protected etc.

Place of Origin



liquid delivery, construction, communication, gas,etc.





Galvanized steel pipe Features and Benefits :

hot dipped galvanized steel pipe
Our company can produce pre-galvanized steel pipe with standard of EN10219 and with raw material of pre-galvanized steel coils, they are used as furniture tubes and look very good, welcome your enquiry.Appearance: round, Square, rectangular or oval.
Galvanized pipe
1. Outer diameter: 3-45mm
2. Wall thickness: 21-800mm
3. Spec.: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345
4. Standards: ASTM-A53A, BS1387-1985, GB/T3091-2001
5. Steel pipe:
A) GTC(galvanized threaded and coupling) steel pipe: DN15-DN200 (NB1/2''-NB8'')
B) GPE(galvanized plain end)steel pipe: DN15-DN200
C) Grooved steel pipe: DN15-DN200 (NB 1/2''-NB8'')
D) Used for low pressure liquid delivery such as water, gas and oil
E) The product apply to various anticorrosive pipes

Galvanized pipe Parameter

 Galvanized steel pipe