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concrete pump pipe bend


concrete pump pipe bend 
1,for sany,PM.Zoomlion,Schwing ect concrete pump 
2,St52 double layer pipe bend 
3:Life:50000 cubic

Concrete Pump pipe bend

2. High Manganese Casted 
3. Flanges Integrated 
4. PM, SCHWING Boom Elbow

Concrete Pump pipe bend

Our elbows are high manganese steel casted and flanges were casted together and machined to finish which strengthen quality

It be suggested to be pumping 25,000 - 30,000 cubic meters and can be used on PUTZMEISTER, SCHWING, etc, boom pumps.

Technical Datas of concrete pump pipe bend:


concrete pump bend or elbow


DN125 5

OD133XV-R 90R275mmX WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 60R275mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 45R275mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 30R275mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 15R275mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 90R260mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 60R260mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 45R260mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 30R260mm X WT4.5mm

OD133XV-R 15R260mm X WT4.5mm

OD140XV-R 90R1000mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 60R1000mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 45R1000mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 30R1000mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 15R500mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 90R500mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 60R500mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 45R500mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 30R500mm X WT6mm

OD140XV-R 15R500mm X WT6mm

DN150 (6)

OD159XV-R 90R500mm X WT6mm

OD159XV-R 60R500mm X WT6mm

OD159XV-R 45R500mm X WT6mm

OD159XV-R 30R500mm X WT6mm

OD159XV-R 15R500mm X WT6mm

Other sizes and types upon request


ST37.0,  ,20#steel,Q235  35# steel and according to clients requirement


Frequenc heated


used in Concrete transport in Construction work

serving brands of mounted truck concrete pump and concrete pump

Sany ,PM, Zoomlion,Schwing,CIFAand so on



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