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Ductile Iron Galvanized Pipe

 Ductile iron galvanized pipe 

1) The standard of pipe: ISO 2531 - 1998, EN545-2002, K9 
2) Effective length: 6M when using bulk shipment way, or about 5.5M or 5.7M when In 20' container shipment way 
3) Inner cement line: Portland cement lining as per ISO4179 
4) Zinc coating: At least 130GSM as per ISO 8179 
5) Bitumen painting: At least 70um as per ISO 8179 

6) Gaskets are NBR rubber, natural rubber, SBR rubber or EPDM rubber Tightness ring as per ISO4633 
7) DN 80 - 1, 200 mm 
8) High strength, lighter than gray iron, good corrosion resistance, no furring, Small flow resistance, easy fixing, long life time 
9) Checked by automatic inspection equipment 
10) Composition: 

A) C: 3.4 - 3.7% 
B) Si: 2.0 - 2.4% 
C) P: <0.08% 
D) S: <0.015 

11) Pull strength: >420MPa 
12) Yield: >10% 
13) Hardness: <230HB 
14) Process and testing: 

A) Blast furnace (Analysis of raw materials test ) 
B) Mg treatment (Micro & chemical composition test) 
C) Pipe spinning (Temperature test) 
D) Heat treatment (Micro structure; Flattening test) 
E) Zinc coating (Thickness testing) 
F) Dimensional checks (Thickness & Dia. Testing) 
G) Hydraulic test (Pressure test) 
H) Internal lining (Thickness testing) 
I) External coating (Thickness test) 

Packing: In bulk or container.


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