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API 5L Pipe


API 5L SPEC 5L-2007(line pipe standard) is drawed up and issued by American Petroleum Institute, which is used all over the world. Line pipe is a type of pipes that transports the oil, gas and water that is out of the earth to the gas and oil companies or enterprises. There are two types: Seamless and welded The ends are including plain, threaded, and female end. The connections are: End welded, coupling and socket connection etc. The main materials are: B, X42, X56, X65, X70 etc. Our company had passed API approvals in Aug, 2009. (API 5CT and API 5L). 

API 5L Line Pipe 
Standard: API 5L, ASTM A53/A 106/API5L 
Size: OD 10.3-500mm WT1.73-50.01mm 
Material: GrB X42 X46 X52 X56 X60 X70 

API 5L Line Pipe 
1. Standard: API 5L, ASTM A53/A 106/API5L 
2. Size: OD: 10.3-500mm WT: 1.73-50.01mm 
3. Material: GrB X42 X46 X52 X56 X60 X70 X80 
4. Surface: Oiled or black painted to prevent rust 
Marking: As per customer's requirement 
5. Inner packing: Caps on two ends of every pipe 
6. Usege: Used for conveyance gas, water, petroleum and conveyance of other fluid


Product Specification Level

Steel grade

Yield Strength (min), Mpa

Tensile Strength(min), Mpa
API 5L PSL 1 L210 or A 210 335
L245 or B 245 415
L290 or x42 290 415
L320 or X46 320 435
L360 or X52 360 460
L390 or X56 390 490
L415 or X60 415 520
PSL 2 L245Ror BR 245~450 415~760
L290R or X42R 290~495 415~760
L245N or BN 245~450 415~760
L290N or X42N 290~495 415~760
L320N or X46N 320~525 435~760
L360N or X52N 360~530 460~760
L390N or X56N 390~545 490~760
L415N or X60N 415~565 520~760


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