Limestone Quarry Plant

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6 5/8",7",7 5/8" Casing Pipe

Sell API-5CT Casing, Tubing, Coupling.
Our factory manufacture Casing pipe and Tubing pipe:
Steel grade: J55, K55, L80, N80, C95, P110
O. D. Range Tubing: From 2-3/8"to 4-1/2"(EUE/NU)
Casing: From 4-1/2" to 20",
Threads: BTC, LTC, STC.
Length range: R1, R2, R3

168.28(6 5/8" ) 20.00 H, J, K 7.32 YES YES YES
24.00 J, K, C, L, N, P 8.94 YES YES YES
28.00 C, L, N, P 10.59   YES YES
32.00 C, L, N, P, Q 12.06   YES YES
177.80(7" ) 20.00 H, J, K 6.91 YES    
23.00 J, K, C, L, N 8.05 YES YES YES
26.00 J, K, C, L, N, P 9.19 YES YES YES
29.00 C, L, N, P 10.36   YES YES
32.00 C, L, N, P 11.51   YES YES
35.00 C, L, N, P, Q 12.65   YES YES
38.00 C, L, N, P, Q 13.72   YES YES
193.68(7 5/8" ) 24.00 H 7.62 YES    
26.40 J, K, C, L, N 8.33 YES YES YES
29.70 C, L, N, P 9.52   YES YES
33.70 C, L, N, P 10.92   YES YES
39.00 C, L, N, P, Q 12.70   YES YES
42.80 C, L, N, P, Q 14.27   YES YES
45.30 C, L, N, P, Q 15.11   YES YES
47.10 C, L, N, P, Q 15.88   YES YES
196.85(7 3/4" ) 46.10 C, L, N, P, Q 15.11      


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